MISSION: Call To Muslims To Seduce Sikh Girls Into Islam

Islamic societies and Muslim fundamentalist are preying upon ignorant Sikhs who know little or nothing about the Sikh faith. Sikh students are bombarded with questions upon questions about Sikhi which is followed up by distorted accounts of Sikh religion.

Radical imams are spurring this with rewards of up to £10,000 = Rs. 7,18,540 for each girl converted to Islam. Schools, College & University Campus are an ideal places for them. This is totally despicable and cowardly. It is very easy to purchase Sikh items (Sikh bangles, Sikh stickers etc) which helps the Islamic extremists trick Sikh girls. They will wait patiently outside cinemas, pubs, clubs etc with such items and easily portray themselves as Sikhs. They will also have bhangra music blasting out of their cars. With all the ingredients there to represent a 'Sikh', all it takes is a few minutes of sweet talk, exchange of numbers, or a lift home to have a Sikh girl hooked. The Sikh girls think that they have found their future Sikh husband but in reality he's a concealed fraudster.

A notions has been embedded in to Muslims that converting a Sikh into Islam will give there whole family a straight ticket to heaven. On top of the monetarily and afterlife incentive Muslims who have converted someone into there faith seem to be looked highly upon by certain members of community as for fulfilling “there duty.” Numerous methods are being used to convert people from deceiving females, seducing them and making them pregnant in order to convert them. Sikh societies and Sikh student organization should be vigilant of this subtle and direct extreme missionary preaching by Islamic organizations.

The methods used to force females into Islam are:

  1. Muslim boys change their names to more Sikh ones like (Mohammed to Mohanpreet) & wear Kara to deceit Sikh girls.
  2. When the girl is fooled these extremists drug them, and take advantage by giving them alcohol and cigarettes things which are forbidden in Sikhism.
  3. In many cases they are raped and photographed and told that they'd be exposed to their communities if they do not convert to Islam. In most cases, the girls end up converting as they are not able to face their family after all what has been photographed.
  4. Black magic spells.
  5. Seduce them with wealth, entrap them and finally force them to convert.
  6. They start brainwashing them against the Sikhs, their families, emotional blackmail using their weakness to their advantage and slowly converting them.

Muslims hv setup a website (muslim4aweek) which has since been taken down, which showed mug shots of Sikh girls that they had successfully 'claimed' including some of who they were targeting. Beside each girl's photo, there was a bio with their name, age, and location, as well as a few lines of them being described as sluts. They had also described what they were going to do with the girls. It was a website to show others their trophy cabinet. Few photos were of the girls drinking, smoking and laying naked on a bed (blurred out). It was shocking. This girl had been groomed, and which lead to rape because she refused to convert. The final image shown of her was at a mental care home. Many more similar images were shown. 

Thousands of Sikh girls have already fallen into this trap and are now at their mercy. They do this just to humiliate Sikhs.

E.g.: It’s been put to my notice that in Lakhimpur District (U.P.) alone, in the past 1 year (2009-2010) about 71 Sikh girls from different Sikh families have been abducted by Muslim men bringing shame to the Panth as well as to their families. They are now repenting for what they have done as they are treated worse than animals, beaten up badly, some are even forced into prostitution or are just made sex slaves to fulfill their lust. The Sikh female womb is converted to a Muslim womb giving MULLAH several children, all CONVERTED within minutes of birth and boys circumcised, and then the wives or girlfriends get DISCARDED like a dirty rag.

Cause:        Sikh girls are their preference as they are soft targets bcoz:

  1. Sikh girls are mostly very beautiful and enjoy more freedom comparatively than any other religion & hence, independent and sometimes headstrong. 
  2. Sikh girls are ignorant of the Sikh faith & have very little knowledge about their own religion & are much inclined to fashion and western culture which makes them vulnerable to dangerous Muslim radicals.
  3. Sikh girls often drink and eat meat which they can easily drug so that they loose their senses.
  4. If the girls get pregnant, the community does not care, these are just cheap girls for their boys to use as they grow up.
  5. Mostly the internet-driven youngsters get caught in his trap.

The pattern I have found in the girls is what I call the "Bollywood Concept". These girls whole heartedly believe love will conquer all. As in films, there is a social divide, their parents are against it, their community is against, but no matter love will always win. However these poor girls get a reality check, when the boy’s sisters, mother and other family do not want this "cheap girl" in their family. Or the boy has had his fun and wants to move on to the next girl, or get married to a respectable girl. Love suddenly disappears, and she is left humiliated in front of her friends, family and community FOR LIFE, because people do not forget.

After Sikh girls, Hindu & Christian girls are their next targets. This is happening in India all around u. Need to wake up.

Solution:    Educate especially Sikh females

  1. Sikh girls should avoid the company of non-Sikh boys and only accompany Gursikh boys/Surds (wearing a turban with uncut beard & moustaches & with a Kara) so that they are not fooled by these radicals.
  2. They should not drink and eat meat and keep an eye on the food being served so as to avoid it being druged.
  3. Girls should control their lust so as not to fall in love with a non-Sikh boy & should not do any such objectionable act that can be used as a tool for blackmailing.
  4. Sikh girls should take Guru’s Amrit and do daily path (Nitnem) so that they don’t hv any effect of black magic on them.
  5. Avoid eating anything giving to as Prasad by a non-Sikh.
  6. Sikh girls should be educated about the glory of Sikh religion, taught about the past history and should be made to feel proud of being a Sikh. E.g.: Sikhism is the only religion which says that women are equal in every respect to men & given the name KAUR means “PRINCESS” & even had women soldiers leading armies into battle.
  7. Youth camps should be organized in which this subject should be particularly discussed & to create mass education on Sikhi in this area.
Sikh Girls convert out of love of a boy of other religion bcoz girl loves him but will the boy take Amrit out of love for you, just come to the Gurdwara, and just bow in front of Sahib Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Surely if you can convert for him, he can do this much for you?

Take the case of the murder of Rizwan-ul-Reheman following his marriage to a Hindu girl, Priyanka Todi. The case is still under investigation. Rizwan Ul Reheman had promised to convert to Hinduism and that perhaps led to his killing.
The Muslim community has a major problem of girls running away with non-Muslims, due to seeing the hypocrisy and attitudes of Muslims boys.  Do Sikh girls still want to go with them?

Will Sikh girl eat beef? Will she spend her entire life in purdah? Does she wants to be a “Baby production Machine”? Ask her? Educate her on the dangers of Muslim ways. Will she end up in a brothel (establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution)? Is a MULLAH a gentleman? What is the security of a girl marrying a MULLAH? 

Muslims show no respect or binding love for their wives, more so if they are SIKH. I have never seen a single person who is happy to see his sister or daughter elope with a Muslim man? If you have, do tell me?
The only people to grieve and cry over her fate are her own parents, brothers and sisters.

According to the Quranic verse 9/3, a Muslim, for the sake of Islam, can promise anything to an infidel kafir and withdraw that promise at the opportune moment. Islam Permits Raping of Kafir Women by Muslims.

We as Sikhs look at Sarbat da bhalla. But we also have to realize not everyone else is like that. We as a community cannot tolerate our community to be perceived in this way. We are not cheap trash. The Sikh community should be the most moral, upstanding & hardworking, civilized and sophisticated society as created by our Guru’s. THAT IS OUR STANDARD. 
A benti to everyone, have some self-respect! Especially to all the Bibian, do not let girls who are your friends behave like this. DO YOUR COMMUNITY A FAVOUR, DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!!!!

Land, Women and Wealth are a cause for all disputes. The easiest way to insult a faith is to either insult their God, take away their woman (wife, daughter or sister).

Rather than wait for those naive girls and women to elope, it is better to tell them about the facts. Inform them about the cruelties involved. Ask her whether she is willing to be a willing breeding cow in the service of Islam.

How much hue and cry a Muslim man raises when a non-Muslim man flicks a Muslim girl. The film Bombay created a ruckus when it showed a Muslim girl eloping with a non-Muslim man.

There are many who are caught in this trap n there is no way they can come out of it unless we guide them from young to keep away from these kind of people.
So plz dont say, she is not anybody to me, I will just mind my own business n keep myself close to Guru JI. Here in this world, its everybody for him/herself. Do lend a helping hand n together; we Sikhs can do wonders if we get together n have some EKTA within us. Looking back to our history, Sikhs were known as the UNFLINCHING ONES who are hard as stone when it comes to justice & religion. We were also well known as the ones with a kind heart who rushed to the rescue of a fellow Sikh n fellow humans, be it a man or woman or girl or boy, with no care as to whether this person was our relative or not. In the past, no one could even come near our girls because they were very defensive n people who tried to capture our womenfolk were severely dealt with by the Khalsa fauj.

Sikh girls; do u want to end up like this???


IT IS THE DUTY OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US TO PASS ON THE MESSAGE WITH COURAGE. Plz distribute it in the form of leaflets in ur Gurudwaras so that the Sangat is made aware about it.

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