Independence Day of Pakistan & India, because of Sikhs

As we all know that today i.e. on 14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan and tomorrow i.e. on 15th August is the Independence Day of India. In both these countries these days are celebrated with great Spirit. People from both the countries used to remember their freedom fighters on these days and salutes them who laid down their lives for the freedom of their respective countries. In Pakistan Mohd. Ali Jinnah is remembered on this special day and in India people like Mohan Das Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru are remembered.

But it a matter of shame for both these countries that the Sikhs who had played the main role in the freedom of both of these countries are not remembered. Sikhs were only 2% of total India’s Population but more than 87% sacrifices made by them for these countries were of Sikhs. Given below is the chart you all are requested to have a look at it:

Punishment Suffered
Imprisoned for life
Killed in Jalianwala Bagh
Killed in Budge Budge Ghat
Killed in Kooka Movement

Killed in Akali Movement


Grant Total

Most impressive these figures as they are, they are yet only part of the total price that the Sikhs paid for the emancipation of this land. These figures do not take into account the important contributions made by the Sikhs towards organizing the Indian National Army, the Mutiny of the Indian Navy and the strike of the Delhi Police in 1946. More than 60% of the 20,000 person who joined the I.N.A. were Sikhs and it was first conceived and organized by no other person than a Sikh. This is, however, only one phase of the gallant epoch making saga written by the Sikhs with their blood and tears. The other, though not of their own seeking, is yet far more poignant and tragic. About half of the total population was torn apart from their kiths and kins, their ancestral homes and hearths, the lands they had developed with generations of hard labour and above all from more than 170 of their holy shrines, including Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib and Dehra Sahib. In its leading article the Statesman wrote on January 3rd 1948: “A mass transfer of population, a disruption of tradition and economy, relatively harsher and less manageable than any other calamity in the afflicted sub-continent, the Sikhs have been forced to bear. Probably about 40% of this small but doughty people are in one manner or another describable as refugees.

Now after making so many sacrifices Sikhs are still treated as Slaves in both of these countries. In Pakistan Sikhs are forced to pay Religious Tax (Jageya) for their safety. In Pakistan land of Sikh Gurudwaras is illegally grabbed by the goons of those areas, but no action is taken by the Governments for the safeguard of the community because of which they all are enjoying their freedom.

In India situation of Sikhs is worse than their situation in the British Rule. In 1947 British offered Sikhs a separate Sikh Nation. Because of believing on the false promises of ‘Self Determinant Sikh State’ by Mohan Das Gandhi & Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sikh leader of that time denied the separate Sikh Nation. That may be the worst mistake ever done by Sikh leaders in Sikh History. Today whole Sikh community is paying for that wrong decision. The waters of Sikh State Punjab is continuously looted by the Indian Government. Riparian Law is totally ignored by the Indian Government, because of which Punjab is on the edge of becoming a desert. Separate identity of Sikh religion was denied after India got freedom.  ‘Anand Marriage Act’ of 1908 was cancelled by the Indian Government and law & Sikhs are forced to accept Hindu Code in all of their traditional & cultural affairs. When Punjab started demanding for its Rights under the able guidance of Sant Giani Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhaindranwale, then the Indian Government crosses all its limits and attacked the holiest place of this universe ‘Shri Darbar Sahib’ and ‘Shri Akal Takth Sahib’ to finish the voice of Truth & Rights of Sikh Community. Lakhs of innocent Sikhs were killed in the decade of 80’s and 90’s on the points of Indian Governments. Even after the India got freedom Sikhs made so many sacrifices for the safety of this country. But Indian Governments gave Sikhs a name of Terrorists & Militants. Today no one is there who can solve the problems of Sikhs. Killers of Sikhs (Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath, Bhajan Lal, K.P.S. Gill etc.) are all roaming freely under the security cover given to them by the Indian Governments. On 12th August 2010 Indian Supreme Court gave Sikhs a gift for their sacrifices for the freedom of this country by stopping the case of Sikh Genocide against Sajjan Kumar. This is the clear indication of the Sikh Slavery in Indian State. Today so many false God men are being sent to Punjab to disturb the communal harmony of this state by the Indian Governments. Dera Sirsa Head, Bhaniarewala, Ashutosh, Radha Swami & recently the Dera Sach Khand Balan Head Niranjan Das are the examples of these mischievousness of the Indian Government. On 12th August 2010 three Sikhs of Damdami Taksal were beaten by the goons of Niranjan Das in Phagwara town of Punjab. But no action is taken against those goons and Niranjan Das the agent of Delhi Government. So many cases of the disrespect of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji came in light in recent days by this agent of Delhi Government. After 3 years of insulting the Sikh traditions & hurting Sikh sentiments Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda got no punishment only because he was safely kept by the Indian Government both in courts & outside the courts. The law of India is only for the safety of rich people & for the corrupt minister of this so called great country. Punjabi speaking areas of Punjab were separated from Punjab during the formation of Himachal & Haryana. Capital of Punjab is also out of the hands of Punjab.

So being “PROUD CITIZENS” it’s our responsibility to tell the truth to the world & respect the Sikhs for what they have done for India so as to bring unity in our country.