Amritvela—The Perfect Start to a Perfect Day

Live each day as if you’re going to die tomorrow and dream like you’re going to live forever, the best way to do that is wake up at Amritvela.
Waking up at four in the morning, gives you plenty of time to plan your day and think up beautiful dreams for the day and for the lifetime. Rising at Amritvela, you are not rushed to get going on your day; you have time to live in the moment. And that moment becomes your whole day. Waking up Amritvela brings great improvements in your life, in your family life and in your work life.
In this fast paced world, ‘me’ time is a special treat that everyone craves but can’t always have. When you are up and ready to go at four in the morning for your day that would normally begin at seven in the morning, you have 3 hours of ‘me’ time. In those three hours, you can do whatever you please. Sikhs typically spend that time doing their morning Nitnem (prayers), which helps them get closer to Waheguru (God). 

Doing Nitnem in the morning brings peace within us and helps us relax. No matter what stress we face through the day, our calmness will stay with us and we will be able to face any issues in a calm, collected manner. After reading our Nitnem, we can read more bani or begin our day. That hour or so after Nitnem is our time to finish leftover work from yesterday, read the paper in peace and pretty much whatever else we can cram into the hour. The best part is whatever we didn’t get done in the hour, can be saved for the next day and it’s no big deal because if it wasn’t for amritvela we wouldn’t have nothing done at all. The whole stress free atmosphere lets you do things without being rushed.
When you aren’t rushed, that means you family won’t be rushed. If you and your family is not rushed, you can create sweeter memories. It means if your family isn’t already up, you can wake them up lovingly, instead of rushing them because you’re running behind. And if they are already up, together as a family you can make breakfast. It is a scientifically proven fact that your day goes better if you have breakfast and also statistically families that eat at least one meal together, stay together. This time you spend with your family in the morning, gives them chance to fill you in on their plans for the day, so this way you won’t be out of the loop and have to worry later. It’s not guaranteed that your family life will be 100% perfect, if you get up early and start the day off properly with your family but it is guaranteed it will be better than the days where everything was chaotic because you were running late. Knowing you gave your family a better start for their day, lets you go to work in peace also.
It is much easier to focus on work when you’re not worried about the family. What company doesn’t want an employee that is 100% focused on their work and doesn’t freak out in tough situations? Waking up at Amritvela, helps you meet both those conditions and make your employer happy. That is turn puts you in a good mood because your employer isn’t constantly yelling at you for being late to work or dealing with home issues while at work. Your employer’s happy, you’re happy, that just rubs off on your co-workers and soon enough everyone is happy. Nothing can compare to a happy workplace, which you actually look forward to go to. It also makes it easier to do Kirt (earn an honest living), as it is required for each Sikh to do so. No family stress comes to work and no work stress goes home to the family.
Amritvela brings you, your family and your work all into harmony leading to a happier, healthier you. Amritvela helps to get closer to Waheguru (God). Amritvela removes a lot of the unwanted stress out of your life, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. Try for a week straight, wake up at Amritvela and start your day off right. Magic doesn’t happen overnight but if you keep trying, you can see the difference.